Exports to China via Chinshwehaw up by $6.56 mln in August compared to year-ago period

Myanmar delivered exports worth US$8.374 million and imports valued at $8.884 million to China through the Chinshwehaw cross-border post in August 2022, totalling $17.258 million. The value of export was $6.566 million more than that of the year-ago period as Myanmar’s exports of RSS3 rubber, areca nut, rice, Sorghum and dried tea leaf exceeded in August 2022.
Meanwhile, the country’s import value via the Chinshwehaw border was down by $6.965 million compared to the corresponding period last year as the value of imports showed a decrease of $4.557 million in capital goods, $0.235 million in intermediate goods and $2.172 million in consumer goods.
Next, the Chinshwehaw border saw an increase of $9.287 million in trade in August 2022 compared to last month.
Myanmar has opened five border trade zones with China — Muse, Lweje, Kampaiti, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung. The majority of the trade is carried out through the Muse land border.
The value of Myanmar-China border trade in all five border areas touched a low of $1.116 billion between 1 April and 16 September in the current financial year 2022-2023, comprising exports worth $938.161 million and imports worth $178.267 million, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics. — KK/GNLM

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