Take booster shots for prevention of Covid-19 infection

The infectious rate of Covid-19 is on the rise in Myanmar day after day. Omicron sub-variant of the pandemic is spreading all over the world. The new sub-variant is weaker than previous variants in destroying lungs and respiratory tracts, resulting in a fewer number of deaths.
On the other hand, most global peoples have received jabs of booster shots in the inoculation of Covid-19 vaccines. As such, people need to strictly follow the health protocols related to prevention, control and treatment of Covid-19 issued by the Ministry of Health without fail and take Covid-19 vaccination in line with the prescription.
Currently, infection of the pandemic does not show distinct symptoms in the human body. As a result, anybody cannot know who is infected. So also, the infected persons themselves cannot exactly know whether they have been infected or not or they themselves may be suspected of infection. As such, those infected persons move among the people for their livelihoods, and the persons who have not been infected yet may face infection from the suspects due to close contact.
Moreover, most people are careless in daily work for lack of distinct symptoms from the infected persons. Consequently, the number of infected people in groups comes out on a daily basis. This wave of infection does not show emergency patients and severe symptoms in the host people, so most of the people don’t take care of daily work procedures, suffering from the unexpected infection.
Actually, people need to take care of the Omicron sub-variant virus and preventive measures. They have to avoid public places and follow social distancing rules. They have to wear face masks, wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, open windows for proper ventilation, sneeze with the cover of their elbow and don’t go outside without any reason.
If anyone suspects themselves of suffering from Covid-19 virus infection, they have to notice symptoms and receive nearby hospitals and clinics. If they complete receiving full vaccinations and follow relevant health protocols, their activities can protect themselves as well as other persons against the infection, cut chains of infection of new variants including Omicron virus and ease the burdens of health staff.
According to the records, those who have booster shots of vaccination can face lesser infection, reducing infection and death rates of Covid-19. At present, authorities and relevant health organizations provide vaccinations to people from various societies in all regions and states except in some far-flung areas. Hence, people need to take booster shots to be more assured of the prevention of infection.

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