Makyaysi Creek inspires new recreation site east of Mt Popa

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The beauties of Ma Kyay Si creek and a cowboy diving into the water captured in some photos.

Makyaysi Creek, located east of Mount Popa, has attracted people as a recreation site, said Ko Nay Myo Hlaing, who shared photos of the surroundings of the creek online.
The creek is located near Sin Sinn village, and it is a place where residents can relax and take a bath in the waterfall, he said.


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The beauties of Ma Kyay Si creek.

“The stream comes from Mt Popa. It is well known among residents and is a good place for recreation. The water of the creek is cold and good for bathing. That is why many people enjoy going there. Now it is summer, and they are going there to take a bath,” said Ko Nay Myo Hlaing.
During his vacation, he visited Makyaysi Creek along with his staff members in Thingyan. As an amateur photographer, he took pictures of the surroundings and shared them on social media. His photos were published in some groups and pages, and the creek became famous, he said.
“I’ve heard about Makyaysi Creek. It is good for taking a bath; the water is pretty cold, and its surroundings are beautiful. That is why I arranged a trip there with my staff during Thingyan. As an amateur photographer, I took photos. Among them, pictures of cliff diving by little cowboys and goatherds caught a lot of attention among internet users and widely spread among people from nearby villages and towns in NyaungU and Popa,” he said.
He requested potential visitors not to litter with bottles, plastic bags and disposable food packs in order to protect the environment.
“When a place becomes popular, its environment gets messed with bottles, plastics and disposable food packs, and I’m worried about that. I don’t want the environment to get ruined because of litter.
That is why I want potential visitors to clean their waste properly. When we visited there, we re-packed our trash and threw them in the litter bin. I’m worried that the natural beauty will get ruined,” he said. — MT/ZS/ED


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