Fake news about arresting youths near Shwebo-Myitkyina Road spreading


The malicious Khit Thit Media is spreading fake news stating that the security forces detained the youths near Shwebo-Myitkyina Road to serve military service.
According to the relevant authorities of the local administration, the actual event was that the security forces only did the necessary security checks to prevent the terrorists among the citizens and doing terrorist activities in order to ensure local peace and stability.
In the same way, the other false news is being spread intentionally, stating that the people’s names from the factories and quarters of Monywa were collected for the military service. Actually, it is just collecting census data from the local administrators and officials from the relevant ministry. The malicious media outlets are just intentionally disturbing the security measures and census works by the respective authorities to create misunderstandings among the citizens, to cause worries among the people, and to lead the youths in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is reported that all the citizens need to focus only on the official statements and news from the government media concerning people’s military service. — MNA/TRKM

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