Fake news spread that Tatmadaw men set fire, loot precious things owned by people in Kawlin

The malicious Khit Thit news media fabricated news stories on social media claiming that Tatmadaw set fire to residential areas and forcibly seized valuable items belonging to the people in Kawlin, Sagaing Region.
However, according to the residents, KIA and PDF terrorists invaded Kawlin on 3 November 2023, abducting and killing departmental personnel to disrupt administrative processes. They also destroyed and burned down departmental buildings and residential homes, looting property from the people. Additionally, the terrorists planted mines and set fire to buildings and homes as they retreated during counter-terrorism operations conducted by security forces.
As a result of the mine explosions and fires set by the terrorists, buildings and homes were destroyed, and people were injured. The security forces then undertook landmine clearance and resettlement efforts in Kawlin.
The malicious Khit Thit media is intentionally spreading misinformation to mislead the public. — MNA/ TMT

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