FDA warns of six 6 products of Mie Sedaap instant noodles made in Indonesia

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The picture shows Mie Sedaap instant noodles recalled due to the presence of pesticides.

The Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health issued a warning about six products of Mie Sedaap instant noodles made in Indonesia.
As those Mie Sedaap instant noodles with certain expired dates can be possibly imported into Myanmar through an illegitimate trade channel, FDA Myanmar issued warnings about those instant noodles to the consumers.
The Singapore Food Agency issued a recall for Mie Sedaap instant noodles due to the presence of Ethylene Oxide. Those Mie Sedaap products are removed from the markets.
According to the FDA’s statement, Ethylene Oxide is an antimicrobial pesticide which is used to sterilize spices at food processing factories. Maximum residue limits (MRL) of ethylene oxide should not exceed 50mg/kg (50ppm) in the food products in Singapore, while the European Union imposes an MRL of ethylene oxide at 0.1mg/kg. The consumption of ethylene oxide can cause health risks in the long term.
Mie Sedaap with the certain expired date is not found in the Myanmar market yet. However, it might be illegally imported into the country. Therefore, consumers are advised to check those expired dates if they buy Mie Sedaap products. The FDA Myanmar has warned not to import and distribute those products in the markets. The products will be seized and those importers and distributors will face legal action under the provisions of Section 28 (A) of the National Food Law. — TWA/GNLM

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