Fluctuation of garlic price: Shan garlic set as K5,000 higher than Kyukok per viss

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Sale of Shan garlics seen in the market.

Prices of both the Shan garlic and Kyukok garlic in the Yangon market declined after both highest on 3 November. However, the price of Shan garlic returns to a peak after 45 days. For the time being, the price of Shan garlic is K5,000 higher than that of Kyukok per viss, the report states.
On 27 October this year, Shan garlic was priced at K9,800 per viss and Kyukok was priced at K8,000 per viss. On 3 November, one viss of Kyukok garlic skyrocketed to K17,000 whereas one viss of big-sized Shan garlic was K15,000 in the market.
A few days later, those prices moderately declined fluctuating between K10,300 and K11,800 of Shan garlic per viss on 23 November while Kyukok garlic prices were downward trending to K10,800-K11,000 per viss on 6 December.
Nevertheless, garlic prices have increased again these days. One viss of Shan garlic is ranging between K15,000 and K17,000 per viss while the Kyukok garlic is priced at K12,500 per viss.
According to the archived statistics, Shan garlic was priced at K2,900-K4,200 and Kyukok garlic was K3,300 per viss on 16 December 2022. It is observed that only the garlic price broke records trending upward in late 2023.
In detail, Kyukok garlic usually enters market in May and therefore, at the moment, the leftover Kyukok garlics are floating at a steady price. Thus, Shan garlic, with fewer stocks in the market than Kyukok, is priced higher at K5,000 per viss than that of Kyukok.
In fact, Shan garlics have been cultivated during these months and they will be arriving in the market in the upcoming months.
Generally, chilli and garlic are high-priced goods among kitchen commodities with a value at Kyat in five digits per viss. Notwithstanding, average housewives claim no concerns over the high prices of chilli and garlic since both of them have to be used only a few amounts in their cooking formulas. — TWA/ TMT

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