Foreign visitors arrival increases, overseas trips by locals increases

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Photo by Xinhua

Foreign visitors arrival has risen and overseas trips by locals has mounted at the same time this year, said Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association chairman U Naung Naung Han.

In Myanmar’s tourism industry, the domestic tour sector has been growing visibly since late 2023, as well as a rise in the number of foreign visitors arriving, no decline has been seen until February 2024.

“As the number of domestic travellers has increased, there are domestic tourists who go on pilgramage to Gaya and Thailand’s Chiang Mai. The local visitor arrival in beaches as well as in other destinations has also risen during holidays. Of foreign visitors, the majority are from Russia and China. That is why,  during this tour season, we can say the travel sector has improved in this February too,” said U Naung Naung Han.

Under current conditions, the number of local visitors is likely to mount further and the arrival of foreign tourist is also likely to increase until the dry season, he said.

There are local tourists who took trips to Thailand and Vietnam in February and there are people who are preparing to go on a long vacation to Europe in Thingyan holidays, he said. The number of local tourists who would take long vacation to foreign countries during Thingyan holidays is expected to rise, he said.


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