Forge durable peace setting aside conflicts from New Year


In embracing the advent of the New Year, all Myanmar citizens have to bid farewell to the old year, much like the transition from withered leaves to the vibrant emergence of new foliage. As everybody ushers in 2024, a year ripe with possibilities, the collective consciousness resonates with the commitment to engage in virtuous actions while eschewing malevolent deeds.
This juncture marks the departure of 2023 and the forward march into a new epoch, a sentiment shared by individuals across the globe. In accordance with the inherent human desire for triumph, esteemed members of the Sangha illuminate the path to victory through the benevolent gift of Dhamma on the occasion of the New Year.
Leaders of nations and distinguished figures extend New Year messages, bestowing blessings upon the populace for the coming year. Their earnest prayers invoke auspicious outcomes and virtuous conduct, setting the stage for a harmonious entry into the New Year.
People from diverse walks of life must conscientiously abandon the practices of the old year, meticulously preparing to advance towards their goals. A critical self-reflection on past endeavours guides individuals to discern the optimal path forward, aligning with their missions and visions without deviation.
Venerable members of the Sangha extend heartfelt New Year wishes, expressing a desire for the physical and mental well-being of all living beings. Their compassionate efforts are multifaceted, contributing to the cultivation of peace within society.
On the auspicious occasion of the New Year, a call resounds for the dissemination of Metta (compassion), the practice of virtuous deeds (Dhamma), generous acts of donation (Dana), and the utterance of truthful words (Saccavaca) rooted in the soul. These actions serve as a foundation for securing victory on the path ahead.
Everybody needs to undergo a transformative shift in mindset, aspiring to elevate themselves, their society and mother land. As all citizens enter the year of 2024, Hence, all the people should pray for all living beings to be free from devil acts, to be able to enjoy meritorious needs, to be able to culture the noble spirit, and to enjoy good results of society under the Dhamma teachings of the unrivalled Lord Buddha and to consider doing all things with critical thinking, rationality and compassion.
To be able to peacefully pass the whole year 2024, everybody needs to uphold consideration and compassion with more plans to forge durable peace for the whole nation setting aside controversies and disputes to be able to cease conflicts in all forms.

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