Four suspects including Yan Lin Aung (aka) Moe Tain, Wai Yan Lin (aka) Tun Tauk Naing arrested together with firearms

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Four arrestees are seen with seized firearms.

The officials conduct effective security measures as the terrorists and NLD party members/supporters continuously commit bombing attack in some cities of the country to affect the government administrative mechanism.
On 22 June, the police raided the house located at the corner of 111th and 54th streets in Chanmyathazi Township of Mandalay Region. During the raid, there was a clash between the insurgents and security members. It left 8 insurgents dead and the police arrested another 8 together with small weapons. According to the confession of suspects, Lt Tu Pho and Lt Ko Rine of KIA were included in the list of deaths.
Moreover, the security forces raided the No (54) at the corner of 50th and 115th streets in Chanmyathazi Township based on the confession of the detainees. They did not find any suspects but seized the six homemade guns, 28 bombs and other components.
According to the words of suspects, the police received information that Mandalay PDF member Yan Lin Aung (aka) Moe Tain and Wai Yan Lin (aka) Tun Tauk Naing carried the firearms to Mandalay via Bhamo-Ngaoh-Thabeikkyin-Mandalay road on 23 June. Therefore, the security forces blocked the road and arrested Wai Yan Lan (aka) Tun Tauk Naing, Yan Lin Aung (aka) Moe Tain, Myo Min Tun and Sai Thet Paing Tun on Tagaung road section of Thabeikkyin Township.
According to the suspects, the firearms were transported by a six-wheel truck. The security forces seized the firearms including 32 K2-5 guns, 32 K2-5 (folding butt), 40 M-79 LL guns, 10 779 Pading III-S, 248 magazines, 10,000 K2-5 bullets, 499 grenades, 1,473 40 MM bombs, 35 remote controls and 25 packs of TNT, 150 strings, 1 electronic detonator and 3 cartons of detonators.
According to the confession, the PDF members including Yan Lin Aung (aka) Moe Tain completed the basic military training at Laiza of KIA from 21 March and 4 April via the communication of U Khin Maung Myint (aka) U Cho, former Amyotha Hluttaw MP of No (5) constituency in Kachin State (2015).
On their way to Laiza, former Pyigyitagun Township Hluttaw MP (2015) Myo Zaw Aung of the NLD party and former Kawlin Township Hluttaw MP Myo Zaw Aung came along with them in their cars. They made a plan to give training to the youths in Mandalay when they completed their military training courses.
On 17 June, four people including Wai Yan Lin (aka) Tun Tauk Naing went to Bhamo from Mandalay to carry the firearms. They met Saya Lun from KIA on 18 and 19 June and they arranged to transport the firearms from Mansi to Mandalay. The firearms were carried by the six-wheel truck under the arrangement of Saya Lun on 22 June. The truck parked near Sin Khan bridge the whole night.
On 23 June, the truck kept going to Mandalay and the four guys including Wai Yan Lin (aka) Tun Tauk Naing followed the truck. They were arrested at Tagaung road in Thabeikkyin Township and the truck was seized near War Yone Gone Village at milepost No (25) on Mandalay-Bhamo Road section.
The terrorists attempted to threaten the public, affect the community peace and fail the duties of security members with homemade bombs and rifles. Moreover, they contacted the armed groups to join the military courses. They conducted military courses, saved the firearms and recruited the task force. Therefore, the people should cooperate with the security members as the officials accelerate the security measures to stop the activities of insurgents and arrest the remaining suspects to ensure community peace. Legal actions will be taken against the suspects under the law and investigation will be also conducted to reveal the suspects who are still at large. —MNA

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