Free energy device under invention and local inventor will disclose it if successful

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Ko Zaw Myo Oo showcasing his self-designed light motor vehicles.

Ko Zaw Myo Oo from Meiktila, who is famous for his inventions of own-designed motorcycles and light motor vehicles, is now making a new invention that can be useful in areas without access to grid electricity, and says he will make it all public when he succeeds.

His inventions drew a lot of attentions on social media pages, and in this time, he has been working on generating electricity from a renewable energy device.

“There are experiments I have made now. But I will make them public when I succeed. At present, I have been working on a test for producing free energy that I hope to help the country and for areas that have no access to electricity. It is much needed. I havebeen to many villages; some can’t get connected with the national grid at all. So my invention will be useful for these places. This is free energy so it can be used by households, depending on their energy consumption. If it works, we will no longer need batteries and solar [panels]. I’ve tried from a smallscale and can make it public if I succeed,” said Ko Zaw Myo Oo.

An industrial businessman, Ko Zaw Myo Oo developed three-wheeled motorcycle for people with disabilities between 2013 and 2018, and sold 53 units.

“I invented a lot; a blue coloured motor vehicle with 250 engine power (three-wheeled engine) in 2013 and a similar type of vehicle in yellow and white colour in 2015. I made an orange car in 2018. And I made 53 units of three-wheeled motorcyclefor the disabled because they asked me and delivered them to different towns and cities,” he said.

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