Further 152 new EPS manufacturing workers sent to ROK

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New 152 EPS manufacturing workers arrived in Incheon Airport on 21 May. Photo- Myanmar Embassy, Seoul

Through the Public Overseas Employment Agency (POEA), further 152 new manufacturing workers were sent to the Republic of Korea on 21 May under EPS, according to Myanmar Embassy in the Republic of Korea.

The workers arrived in Incheon International Airport from Yangon by Myanmar National Airlines’ charter flight UB 8301, and the labour attaché in Seoul welcomed them and instructed what they should follow and provided necessary assistances.

Conveyance of EPS workers totalling 170, including 147 new manufacturing workers and 24 new livestock and agriculture workers, was also made on 7 May by the MNA charter flight UB 8301 and Thailand airline TG 656, to Incheon from Yangon.

photo 2024 05 22 15 50 35
New 152 EPS manufacturing workers arrived in Incheon Airport on 21 May. Photo- Myanmar Embassy, Seoul

In April, POEA sent total 421 EPS workers including new manufacturing workers and new construction workers under E-9 visa and another batch of 862 workers including new agriculture and livestock workers, new construction workers and new manufacturing workers were also sent in March, according to the embassy’s statistics released on 27 March. Moreover, the embassy announced in February that total 1333 EPS workers under E-9 visa were already dispatched.

In 16th TOPIK Test, 7th marking employment system which will be held in 2024, recruitment of Myanmar workers will be extended in the Republic of Korea’s service industry and both male and female are eligible to join the test. Women who would take the exam must complete basic high school level. It was the first time for recruitment of women and drew a lot of attentions, according to Korean training schools.


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