General Aung San Museum to be temporarily closed to make preparations before Martyr’s Day

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An exhibit being displayed at the General Aung San Museum (Yangon).

The General Aung San Museum (Yangon) will be temporarily closed from 27 June to 18 July in order to make preparations for the 76th Martyr’s Day commemorative exhibition, according to the Department of Archeology and National Museum.
On Martyrs’ Day on 19 July, the General Aung San Museum (Yangon) and the General Aung San’s House Museum (Natmauk) will be opened to the public as in previous years.
On Martyr’s Day last year, General Aung San’s personal belongings, paintings depicting his life, postage stamps and bank notes bearing General Aung San’s picture, his speeches and horoscope were displayed at the General Aung San Museum (Yangon) as a special exhibition. — TWA/MKKS

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