Gold foils to be offered to whole body of Shwedagon Pagoda

The gold foils will be offered to Shwedagon Pagoda, according to the pagoda board of trustees. The gold foil offering ceremony is held once every five years.
The current gold foil on the pagoda was donated in 2018. The new gold foils will be also offered to the upper receding terrace of the pagoda.
Before December 2022, gold foils were offered to 21 pagodas out of 68 on the upper receding terrace of the pagoda and arrangements are underway to offer gold foils.
It is estimated to use about 2,000 gold foils: six-tical gold plates are used for the banana bud, and three-tical and one-tical gold plates are offered under the parts of the banana bud.
Three types of gold foils such as the gold leaf, gold coating and gold plate are offered to Shwedagon Pagoda. The gold leaf is coated up to 30 lines from the bottoms of the pagoda with gold coatings at the spreading lotus flower and inverted lotus flower and gold plates at the banana bud, inverted alms bowl and bell.
Officials will also check the strength of the umbrella, pagoda body and lightning protection system.
Donor names of gold plates will be curved once every five years. The construction of scaffolding was conducted in September 2018.
It is announced that 10,000 gold foils made by machine and 14,000 traditional handmade gold foils will be purchased through bidding for gold-foil offering to Shwedagon Pagoda on 16 January. The tender opening for traditional handmade gold foils will be launched at the southern corner of the pagoda at noon on 14 February while the machine-made gold foil tender at 3 pm on the same day. — TWA/KTZH

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