Gold purchase available online via One Pay application, potential gold investors can contact YGEA

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Gold can be bought online by One Pay Application and those who want to buy gold for investment can contact its headquarters, said Yangon Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association (YGEA).

For digital gold trading through One Pay Application, AGD Bank, officials from Academy gold shop and YGEA had discussion on 22 January.

After UAB Pay was available first for digital gold investment at Shwebonethar gold shop, now gold can be also traded online by One Pay app.

Those who want to make digital gold investment by app can contact its headquarters, YGEA announced.

Those who want to start gold investment from one yway can inquire to YGEA and Federation of Myanmar Gold Entrepreneurs Association about official purchasing methods and shops where they can buy.

According to YGEA’s announcement on 23 January at 2:30pm, closing price of premium gold is K3,654,700 per tical. The closing price per tical on 22 January was K3,638,500 and K3,652,900 on 20 January. MT/ZS

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