Good and able citizens must be turned out for benefiting themselves, society and the State: Senior General

The school must be a site for sharing knowledge, critical thinking, capacity of analyzing right and wrong and social ethics with the students, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with students from the five-year BEd Course No 5 of the University for the Development of the National Races of the Union at the hall of SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.

Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that the democratic system is an administrative mechanism in which the people’s representatives elected by the people take responsibility for administration on behalf of the people. Federalism is a concept to share powers with ethnic people from regions and states in the Union through gathering living and sharing entitlements. Hence, the Union system based on democracy and federalism can be defined as living of all ethnic people in the Union together and sharing the self-administration and powers in regions and states.
The Senior General unveiled that the Union Election Commission holds meetings with political parties to exercise the First Past The Post-FPTP system combined with the Proportional Representation (PR) system for enabling national brethren to have rights of official talks, discussions and wide representation at relevant Hluttaws. The election must be free from intimidation, threat, forced urging and bullying to freely expose the attitudes of individual citizens. The government is striving for holding the election in all parts of the nation and for all citizens to be free from unfair acts.
Teachers have to teach youths to understand forms of a genuine, disciplined democratic system. They have to teach the nature of a genuine, disciplined democratic system and good practices of democracy to the students.
The Tatmadaw has extended the ceasefire period till the end of 2023 by releasing 22 ceasefire statements. Only when armed organizations follow the correct political way called the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA through the peace dialogue by leaving the armed struggling line and armed conflicts can the Union based on democracy and federalism be built. Teachers need to cooperate with the government in processes of peace and stability as well as socio-economic life development.

The Senior General continued to say that the State Administration Council is enhancing the education sector for all school-age children to complete the KG+9 scheme due to the requirement of technologies and human resources. The government set an aim of the KG+9 scheme as a compulsory education system for all. From the coming academic year, 51 basic education high schools in 50 districts will give a teaching on agriculture, livestock breeding and industrial technology to students from grade-10 to grade-12. Similar schools will be extended in the remaining districts in the 2024-25 academic year.
School is not just a venue to give school education. The school must be a site for sharing knowledge, critical thinking, the capacity of analyzing right and wrong and social ethics among the students. If so, good and able citizens must be turned out for benefiting themselves, society and the State.
The Senior General instructed the UDNR students to nurture a new generation of youths to be educated youths with the capacity of analyzing rights and wrongs and to be healthy and fit youths.
The country is a Union where more than 130 ethnic people are residing together. So, they have to forge the genuine Union spirit. The Union spirit is a foundation for building the future Union based on democracy and federalism.
The Senior General urged the students to be loyal to the State in serving their duties in relevant regions and nurture students to have patriotic spirit and national spirit, to have good morale and be honest, observe laws and regulations, reciprocally value culture, customs and religions among the ethnics in the regions and to forge the spirit of serving the society.
On behalf of the students, Rakhine ethnic student Maung Min Khant Hlaing of Thandwe Township of Rakhine State spoke words of thanks.
Two students presented a commemorative gift to the Senior General.
The Senior General and party had documentary photos taken together with students. Next, the Senior General cordially greeted them individually. — MNA/TTA


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