Govt working on local fuel supply as usual

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The authorities released announcements urging the public that there is no need to worry about the supply of petrol in the country.
The rumours have spread that the country is facing a shortage of petrol stocks at the Thilawa oil storage tank terminal starting Monday. It caused long lines of vehicles waiting for fuel starting yesterday morning, and some fuel stations were temporarily closed.
The country has a sufficient supply of fuel. Currently, there have been two fuel oil tankers that have docked at the Depot, and fuel oil cannot be unloaded into fuel storage tanks due to Thinggyan holidays. Therefore, according to the statement of Ministry of Electricity and Energy, there would be no shortage of fuel stocks.
Some media reported fake news that the fuel is imported from China via Sri Lanka. It is mainly imported from Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.
The relevant committees, ministries concerned, fuel oil importers and distributors association, and the Petroleum Product Regulatory Department make hard efforts to sell the fuel as usual and release reference process daily and supervise to sell quality fuel at fairer prices.
Similarly, the Ministry of Commerce held a coordination meeting with the relevant committees, including the Myanmar Fuel Oil Importers and Distributors Association and fuel suppliers, to streamline the fuel importations yesterday and to sell the fuel unlimitedly within the boundary of reference prices at the fuel stations.
Due to instant efforts of departments and organizations, fuel stations sold the fuel without any limitation starting yesterday evening. The private oil stations such as Denko, Myatmyittamon, Shwebyinephyu and BOC also released statements that they sell the fuel to the public as much as they want.
Moreover, Myanmar Fuel Oil Importers and Distributors Association releases daily fuel prices.
The world crude oil price was US$113.04 yesterday, and the local fuel prices rose between K50 to K80 more than the ones on Monday. — Khin Yadana/GNLM

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