Clarification on Fuel Oil

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The following is a clarification from Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, the SAC Information Team leader, regarding recent rumours about fuel oil on social media networks.
Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun clarified, “The rumours about fuel oil have appeared, and some unscrupulous media outlets are spreading them. So, some fuel oil filling stations were closed, causing fuel oil shortages in the market. The fuel oil is imported sufficiently for the country.
Last time, the number of days was referred to talk about for the fuel oil sufficiency. Currently, the amount of fuel oil is more sufficient than that of the previous situation. The root cause is based on the measures to sell dollars to importers in order to stabilize fuel oil prices. When the importer companies are urged to sell at a K1,850 per dollar rate, they do not want to sell the fuel oil at that fixed dollar exchange rate. That is why they are spreading those rumours. In this regard, necessary measures are carried out to issue warnings and notifications to the concerned individuals and companies.
Moreover, dollar-selling programmes for fuel oil distributors will resume on 20 April. The fuel oil imported by various importer companies will also enter Myanmar shortly.
The public is urged not to believe in the spreading rumours as the fuel oil is sufficient locally.” —MNA

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