Grant rights of intellectual property to creators

The government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar enacted the Trademark Law, the Industrial Design Rights Law, the Myanmar Intellectual Property Law and the Copy Rights Law on 30 January 2019.
Section 37 (c) of the Constitution (2008) stipulates that the Union shall permit citizens’ right of private property, right of inheritance, right of private initiative and patent in accord with the law and Section 372 also mentions that the Union guarantees the right to ownership, the use of the property and the right to the private invention and patent in the conducting of business if it is not contrary to the provisions of this Constitution and the existing laws.
Exercising the IP laws are sure to contribute to the development of the State economy, strengthening the system of protecting the IP system for businesspersons, increasing the foreign investment and human resources, creating new job opportunities, taking over the modern techniques and raising the production.
The Agency for Intellectual Property must be constituted as quickly as possible to be able to release necessary notifications, orders and directives in the implementation of the tasks assigned by the Central Committee for Rights of Intellectual Property responsible for adopting policies, strategies and action plans for good improvement of the IP measures.
In the globalization process gaining momentum of technologies, IP measures are crucial for government, departments concerned, entrepreneurs and businesspersons. As such, implementation of the IP laws was adopted as a work plan in the reform process of laws, bylaws, rules and regulations and procedures for surging the State economy.
Being a member of the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization, Myanmar needs to comply with the trade treaty related to intellectual property and join the cooperation in IP among Southeast Asian countries.
As regional countries are exercising the IP systems contributing to an increase in investment and commodity flow as well as economic growth in implementing the IP action plan of the ASEAN Economic Community, Myanmar needs to make preparations for joining the international IP conventions similar to other ASEAN member states.
As such, the government and the people are to join hands in exercising the IP laws in order to polish the image of the State and its prestige in the international arena while granting the creators for their works based on innovation, creation, manufacturing and production of the intellectual property in arts, science and technological fields.

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