Green gram, pigeon pea price plunge persists following FOB prices dip

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The photo shows a sample of some pulses found in the market.

The prices of pigeon peas (red grams) and green grams were on a downward trend in the Yangon market, along with FOB prices decline.
The FOB prices stood at US$1,320-1,340 per tonne of pigeon peas, $720-740 per tonne of green grams from central regions, and $900-930 per tonne of green grams (Shwewah) between 9 and 11 November. The prices slid to $1,290-1,310 per tonne of pigeon peas, $710-730 for green grams from central regions and $890-920 for green grams (Shwewah) on 13 November.
The current FOB prices showed a decrease of $60 per tonne of pigeon peas and $40 per tonne of green gram compared to those recorded on 12-14 October. The prices hit K2,580-2,835 per viss of green grams from the Pakokku area and K3,580 per viss of green grams (Shwewah) on 8 November and decreased to K2,500-2,835 per viss of green grams from Pakokku area and K3,500 for green grams (Shwewah) on 13 November.
The pigeon pea prices plunged to K3.9 million per tonne on 3 November from K4.075 million per tonne between 29 September and 3 November.
Black gram prices dropped to K2.85 million per tonne on 13 November after it touched a high of K2.937 million on 31 October. The FOB prices of black gram remained unchanged at $1,070-1,090 per tonne on 9-13 November.
India accounts for 90 per cent of Myanmar’s pigeon pea exports and 60 per cent of black gram exports. Meanwhile, green grams are shipped to the European Union member countries, China and other external markets beyond India.
Pigeon pea price this year increased to two-thirds of the price recorded in the previous years. Growers expect to earn a handsome profit in the upcoming pigeon pea harvest season in December, said a grower from Mahlaing Township.
Black grams and pigeon peas will be cultivated under an intercropping system in lower Myanmar regions after the harvest of monsoon paddy. They are likely to flow into the market in February 2024. — TWA/KK

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