Guanxi television in China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region showcases Myanmar’s tourism sector in promotional videos

China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has aired a video promoting Myanmar’s tourism industry on Guangxi Television. Deputy Director- General of the Radio and Television Administration Mr Lu Zhengning made this statement during a meeting with Myanmar Consul-General U Kyaw Soe Thein at the Myanmar Consulate-General office in Nanning, China on 10 October.
Mr Lu Zhengning stated that Guangxi Television and Myanmar Television will collaborate by broadcasting the tourism promotion videos provided by the Consulate-General of Myanmar. He also invited the head of relevant ministry and Myanmar’s consul-general to attend the 2023 ASEAN-China Media Forum, scheduled to be held in Nanning on 23 October.
The Myanmar consul-general also mentioned that some Chinese citizens are hesitant to visit Myanmar due to a recent movie. However, by depicting the actual situation through filming and broadcasting in China, we can provide greater insight into Myanmar, ultimately fostering stronger friendship between the people of the two countries. Mr Lu Zhengning also discussed the potential for media to present and showcase videos related to Myanmar, enabling better understanding and promoting cooperation. — ASH/KZW

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