Have a Pleasant Early Morning!

By Hu Wo (Cuckoo’s Song)

Engaging in activities during the early morning is advised to maintain a clear and focused mind, free from mixed feelings like anxiety and grief.

With many different points of view on time perception, everyone will define the best period of a day as they like. Myself, I enjoy the early morning during the day most. On such this morning, the whole environment is still a little dark as the sun is beginning to peep out in the east as well as it can be peaceful and quiet, particularly in the country, except cocks crowing and birds chirping sometimes. Also, at this time, plants and trees are standing tall and still, with no wind. The early morning sky is so beautiful in the grey and red half-light. Of course, the early morning is the very start of a day, so we should all wake up quite well at the crack of dawn.
Should we get up early, we need to have sound sleep as well as enough sleep at first. Sound sleep by night often offers calm and ease for the next day. Grown-ups usually take adequate sleep, usually between 4 and 6 hours. Speaking by local time, the early morning is between 5:30 and 6:00. We should never miss the early morning simply because our getting up late may hurry us up with everything that we carry out on a day-to-day basis.
Within the space of the early morning, it would be better if we have to keep a clear mind free from such mixed feelings as anxiety and grief. Whatever happened one day should not be taken to another day in any way. Some past which causes a negative effect on our future days can be well forgotten by us ourselves. The past is past only. In order to be able to think positively and big, we can say our prayers, practise meditation or yoga, conduct our private study, and even do the cooking of whichever curry we like.
It is just as well that doing gentle physical exercise like jogging and walking dogs is done in the early morning but without its consequent physical or mental fatigue. Naturally, physical exercise reduces work stress and keeps the body fit, healthy, or fresh throughout the day. What is more, exercise will most likely turn temporary attention to another place, not the job; therefore, doing the same thing every day seems less boring and helps release nervous tension. Doing aerobics or exercising on the home walking machine is also appropriate. In the main, the more oxygen comes into the blood, the better the body. After all, it is best if whatever physical exercise does not exhaust the body even very little but relaxes it so much.
There is no denying the fact that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day for someone who takes this meal at the very beginning of the day while he is starving for it actually. Breakfast must help us feel a full stomach and enjoy its taste for certain. Our breakfast should be fried rice, Mont-hin-gah, coffee, milk, half-boiled egg, or tea with fried bread and egg. Whatever food and drink they are, we ought to have a nice breakfast until we are satisfied with it. At worst, this may mean breakfast is supposed to be eaten like a beggar.
After what we should do comes those we should not normally do. Playing loud music early in the morning through the radio, Bluetooth, or whatever is a bad habit. This is merely a kind of noise pollution which gives rise to a threshold of pain higher than average due to the volume that we cannot stand. Even listening to a pleasant or low sound for 30 minutes or so deafens us as long as it lasts. Hence, anybody had better listen to music all to themselves if possible.
Some families tend to quarrel in the too early morning. By Myanmar tradition, a family quarrel in the morning is termed having bad luck. In fact, no quarrel with anyone at the start of the day also creates his making. Getting a scolding from the elders in the morning looks likewise awful. Sometimes, these quarrels and scoldings have no apparent reasons. If they pretty near turn out to be habits anywhere, everybody had the best break or change these two habits as soon as possible.
Above all, we need not consume one day in such a hurry for the simple reason that all people have been working until they keep body and soul together. In `The Quiet Life’ by A. Pope, we are able to spend our lives quietly in a healthy body and peaceful mind day by day. Noticeably enough, an unlimited number of people’s desires appear to stretch into infinity. It is said that Ernest Hemingway, who is the author of `The Old Man and the Sea’, used to watch the rising view of the sun without fail since he learned to enjoy the beauty of nature. Fundamentally, we will have to keep calm under any circumstance day after day. Have a pleasant early morning, therefore.

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