Hopong unveils new relaxation spot in Pa-O Self-administered Zone

The new Hopong View Point has been launched located near Phaya Koesu Monastery on the Meiktila-Taunggyi-Kengtung Asia Highway (AH-2) near Naunglay Village in Taunggyi Township of Shan State (South).
At the Hopong View Point, travellers can relax, go for picnics and take beautiful photos. If travellers leave Taunggyi for about 10 minutes to the east, they can enjoy the beauty of the yellow wild sunflowers along the road and relax at the Hopong View Point by enjoying the beautiful nature of the hills and mountains in Pa-O region, the beauty of the endless green fields and also the urban beauty of the Hopong.
The Hopong View Point was built with K95.8 million budget of the Shan State government during the 2023-2024 financial year by the Gigabuilt Company. It becomes a place offering a beautiful location to travellers and residents to visit Taunggyi Tazaungdine Festival and residents and to take relaxation. — Pa-O-IPRD/TRKM

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