Hotels and motels in Bagan-NyaungU area fully booked for Thingyan holidays

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The entrance to Bagan ancient cultural zone. Photo: Dipa Linn

Officials from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism (Bagan branch) have reported that all 90 hotels, motels, and lodges in the ancient cultural zone of Bagan are fully booked via the online booking system for the upcoming Thingyan holidays.
The Bagan-NyaungU area, renowned for its ancient cultural heritages, is expected to receive a large number of visitors and pilgrims during this period. Local tourist guides and residents are providing assistance to visitors, while security forces are ensuring their safety and maintaining peace.
Moreover, businesses offering vehicle rentals for transportation and restaurants are experiencing a boost in income due to the influx of tourists and pilgrims arriving in the Bagan-NyaungU ancient cultural zone using various facilities of transport.— Dipa Linn/TRKM

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