Import of potatoes surpasses supply of domestic potatoes


Thirty-six thousand visses of potatoes from the Shan State and 300,000 visses of old and new potatoes from abroad entered the Bayintnaung market in Yangon during the last seven days (from 5 to 12 December), according to brokerage houses.
The rate of entry was only one truck per day, but there was no arrival of Shan potatoes on 6 December.
The wholesale price of old Chinese potatoes is the highest within this week, reaching up to K2,300 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes). The price of new Chinese potatoes was K1,750 per viss.
Potatoes from Bangladesh have a weak demand and fetched only K1,100-K1,200 per viss.
Although the price of Shan potatoes increases, depending on their sizes, it is uncommon that the price of A1 (small size) beat that of OK and S1 (medium size) this week. Potatoes from Aungban, Shan State — A1, OK, S1, and S2 were valued at K1,750, K1,700, K1,700 and K2,150 per viss respectively on 10 December.
The production of domestic potatoes is low during the four months from August to November. However, the market for domestic potatoes was stable due to the influx of potatoes from abroad.
Foreign potatoes enter the market during months of high domestic production as well. In these times, the price of imported potatoes is lower than that of domestic potatoes, said Ko Myint Soe, a seller from Yaytama street.
The wholesale price of Chinese potatoes and Shan potatoes were K1,650 and K1,800-K2,200 per viss on 12 January 2022. Potatoes from the Sinphyukyun area and Chinese potatoes were priced at K1,350-K1,850 and K1,700 per viss on 4 April 2022. According to the record of old prices, Shan potatoes and Chinese potatoes hit the market price of K1,450-K1,500 and K1,200 per viss on 15 June, and potatoes from Shan State, China and Bangladesh were valued at K1,600, K1,700 and K1,500 per viss respectively on 25 June. — TWA/CT

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