In-person interview with Dr Lwin Moe Kyaw, the 35th recipient of a liver transplant surgery at the 500-bed Yangon Speciality Hospital, alongside his liver donor, his first cousin, Daw Theint Yadana Eain 

Daw Theint Yadana Eain, Aged 22, Address: Ward-14/2, South Okkalapa Township.
Q: What is your relationship with the patient?
A: He’s my first cousin.
Q: Could you explain why you decided to donate your liver?
A: My father passed away due to liver disease. When I learned that our elder cousin was suffering from the same disease, I decided to save his life.
Q: Could you describe your feelings before entering the operating theater?
A: I had never undergone surgery before, but I knew I was doing this for my brother and believed he would recover after the surgery. I had confidence in the world-class doctors, although I was a bit nervous.
Q: How did you feel after the surgery?
A: I felt happy because both of us were healthy. I was glad I saved my brother’s life.
Q: How would you describe your experience as a liver donor?
A: I want to emphasize that public hospitals are reliable. Our operation was successful, and both of us are recovering well. The government covered the expenses and invited skilled foreign surgeons to oversee the operation. I’m grateful for everything the officials have done for us. I would like to instill confidence in others regarding the capabilities of public hospitals.
Dr Lwin Moe Kyaw, Aged 30, Address: Ward-14/2, South Okkalapa Township.
Q: Could you describe the symptoms you experienced?
A: Liver disease is chronic. I easily got fatigued and felt weak. I also experienced swelling in my limbs and abdominal distention.
Q: How did you come to receive a liver transplant surgery?
A: I had never considered it since it was something I couldn’t afford. My physician informed me that I needed a liver transplant and that the government had initiated a liver transplant programme in collaboration with surgeons from South Korea at the 500-bed Specialty Hospital. That’s how I learned about this programme.
Q: May I know about your feelings before receiving the surgery?
A: I had surgery for my spleen in 2010, and I was scared at that time since I was young. But now that I’m 30, and I was aware of the surgeons’ expertise, I entered the operation room confidently.
Q: Could you describe your feelings afterward?
A: I feel like I have a new liver and will be able to live my full lifespan. I was overjoyed!
Q: Would you share your experience as a successful recipient of a liver transplant surgery?
A: Certainly. I would inform anyone in need of affordable healthcare about public hospitals. They excel in cost-effective measures, starting with reduced fees for lab services. The 500-bed Specialty Hospital has been successful in performing liver transplant therapies. I want to thank everyone, including hospital officials and surgeons, for making this operation possible. — MNA/NT

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