Inside Myingyan Prison’s Reality: Dispelling false claims of verbal abuse, forced labour, and threats

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On 11 February, the Facebook Page known as Khit Thit Media falsely posted disinformation titled “Political Prisoners in Myingyan Prison Subjected to Ill-Treatment through Verbal Abuse, Forced Labour, and Threats.”
Within the prison compound, staff typically perform security and administrative duties without holding weapons, including rods. However, on Sundays during prison drills, they are permitted to carry rods or shields. All prisoners are managed equally without discrimination, and their sleeping quarters and cells are equally distributed among them.
Prisoners are not assigned heavy labour tasks. However, they are responsible for cleaning their sleeping areas and cells. Additionally, they must cultivate vegetables for their consumption and collect clean water from the faucet using buckets to transport it back to their cells. Moreover, they are required to fetch rice and meals from the kitchen, which is approximately 40 feet away from the women’s hostel, and bring them to their cells.
The stronger prisoners take turns carrying out heavy tasks. Light cleaning tasks are shared among all prisoners in rotation. All prisoners are assigned duties equitably according to the rules and regulations, and they can also equally benefit from reductions in their punishment days as stipulated by the law. Prisoners aged 50 and above are not assigned any duties, as confirmed by a official from Myingyan Prison.
Furthermore, within the prison, there is no discrimination based on political or criminal backgrounds. All inmates are responsible for cleaning their bedrooms or cells and the surrounding areas. Occasionally, they are tasked with watering the radish plantation (measuring 40×20 feet) using a hose connected to the faucet. No heavy labour is assigned.
The prison compound has a water purification distiller with an RO system, providing clean and fresh water that is accessible to all inmates. In addition, there are two four-inch thick brick-rimmed underground wells that provide enough water for bathing and personal hygiene. Furthermore, two more of two-inch thick brick-rimmed additional underground wells have been dug near the women’s ward to ensure sufficient water distribution.
Based on current data, each individual inmate can use an average of 40 gallons of water per day from the water tanks and wells, allowing them to bathe twice daily, in the morning and evening. Additionally, the responsible personnel from Myingyan Prison noted that there have been no outbreaks of skin-related diseases among the inmates.
Prisoners have the option to purchase necessary items through the prison commissary twice a month. The cost and transportation charges are deducted from the money they have deposited, ensuring that prices remain reasonable and not higher than market rates. Additionally, their meals include meat four times a week, while on other days, they are provided with warm, freshly cooked vegetables sourced from both prison plantations and the market. It is important to note that the Facebook Page named “Khit Thit Media” is intentionally spreading false information to mislead the public with ill-intentions. — MNA/TMT

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