Tatmadaw confronts false allegations amidst counter-attack on KIA, PDF terrorists in Shan State (North)


The Khit Thit media outlet is deliberately spreading false information, alleging that the Tatmadaw killed at least 102 people and committed acts of rape and murder against a woman and three underage girls. In reality, the Tatmadaw conducted a counter-attack on the KIA and PDF terrorists who had assaulted security posts and government buildings in Moemeik, Shan State (North), on 18 February.
Additionally, KIA and PDF terrorists launched an offensive against the Tatmadaw, using monasteries and schools as cover and employing civilians as human shields. Furthermore, they planted mines on the roads, prompting the Tatmadaw to take precautions to prevent civilian injuries from these explosives.
Local residents report that during their retreat, KIA and PDF terrorists suffered considerable casualties and resorted to firing at residential buildings using both small arms and heavy weapons.
The illegal and subversive Khit Thit media is fabricating and disseminating fake news on social media platforms to tarnish the reputation of the Tatmadaw and mislead the public. — MNA/TKO

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