False reports link grandmother’s death to military conscription

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Malicious media outlets have been spreading false news on social media, alleging that a grandmother died of heart failure on 15 March upon learning that her grandson, her only caregiver, was recruited by the People’s Military Service Law in Latpangon Village, Twantay Township, Yangon Region.
A member of the township administration body clarified that they are actively educating residents about the law. Moreover, the law provides provisions for individuals who are responsible for caring for ageing parents with no other caregivers, granting them temporary deferment from service. Therefore, the narrative of the grandmother’s death due to heart failure is merely misinformation intended to sow misunderstandings about the law.
The said grandmother is over 80 years old and currently resides with her three sons and one daughter in Latpangon Village.
Citizens are encouraged to directly enquire about the People’s Military Service Law from the Central Body for Summoning People’s Military Servants to avoid falling victim to misinformation spread by malicious media. Phone numbers of the Central Body can be read and noted in State newspapers. — MNA/NT

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