IRD announces 62nd Aungbarlay Lottery winners

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The lottery ticket number for the K100 million prize for the 62nd Aungbarlay lottery is revealed to the public.

The Department of Internal Revenue declared the 62nd Aung Bar Lay Lottery jackpot winner, who held ticket number C185677, for a K500 million prize.
The ticket numbers of other lottery prizes are I926578 for K200 million and B490022 for K100 million.
A total of 552,276 ticket booklets were sold for the 62nd Aungbarlay lottery from the alphabet A to I.
Seventy per cent of earnings of Aungbarlay lottery sales worth over K3.865 billion and K250 million revenue were returned as lottery prizes.
The 62nd Aungbarlay lottery covers one K500-million prize, one K200-million prize, one K100-million prize, four prizes for K50 million, five for K20 million, nine for K10 million, 12 prizes for K5 million, 16 for K2 million, 14 million for K1 million and other small prizes, including K3 million prizes, 300 prizes for K200,000, 3,000 prizes for K100,000, 20,000 prizes for K50,000 and 100,000 prizes for K10,000. — TWA/KK

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