Japanese demand pushes for sandalwood cultivation in Yesagyo Tsp

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number of sandalwood farms in Yesagyo Township, Pakokku District grew on the back of strong demand by Japan, said U Mya Thin, a sandalwood farm owner executing 25 acres.
The villages on the bank of Ayeyawady River and Chindwin River in Yesagyo Township are relying on agriculture. The unfavourable weather condition forces the farmers to turn to perennial crops such as sandalwood and Thanaka trees so the number of sesame, peanut and pigeon pea acreage has decreased, he was quoted as saying.
In addition to Thanaka trees, drumstick trees and sandalwood are primarily cultivated on account of steady demand by Japan. A seedling of sandalwood is worth K500-K3,500 depending on age. Sandalwood withstands heat in summer by intercropping with pigeon pea, U Mya Thin elaborated.
Sandalwood is planted nine feet apart. Ten year sandalwood plants can be sold. The prices of quality sandalwood reached up to K200,000-K300,000 per viss. Some brokers make an outright purchase of the trees, he added.
The residents in Yesagyo Township are earning a great income from sandalwood manageable and commercial cultivation. — KPD/GNLM

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