Join restoration process of perpetual peace as a vision of the nation


The year 2022 is the Diamond Jubilee for Union Day as well as the pre-Diamond Jubilee for the Independence Day which falls in the year 2023. It is a year bringing the victorious omen and auspiciousness to the nation.
Myanmar had been under the yoke of British colonialists for more than 120 years. Those colonialists manipulated the exploration of underground and above ground natural resources. Various kinds of taxes were burdens for the Myanmar people, indicating that it was a bad living style under servitude. Although the colonialists attempted to tarnish the images of nationality, language and religion in various ways, Myanmar national people with nationalistic spirit and patriotic spirit fought against them in the independence struggle and then regained their independence on 4 January 1948.
Although the country regained the independence to become a sovereign nation that escaped from the ruling of the British colonialists, it unavoidably carried a burden of internal armed insurgency as an evil legacy. The people were in unity as brothers in the independence struggles but they were disunited in the instigation of the colonialists. Up to the pre-Diamond Jubilee Independence Day, the country is yet to enjoy the fruits of peace.
As such, the State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister in his message of greetings to the 2022 New Year pointed out, “The year 2022 is of importance. Coming 12 February is the Diamond Jubilee Union Day and the 4 January 2023 will be the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day. As such, this year is the pre-Diamond Jubilee period. Hence, it is important to further strengthen the 75-year sovereignty of the State and progress of the nation with development fruits. So, we have to start the new paces for restoration of the peace this year. As it is mentioned in the fourth point of the five-point road map, all stakeholders and organizations are invited to join the peace talks.”
Currently, unscrupulous persons are committing instigation to the efforts of the government to restore peace. Hence, it is sure that only when everybody performs doing something with correct opinion, talks, thoughts and behaviours will one embrace the achievement.
As the State Administration Council is implementing the five-point road map and nine political, economic and social objectives, the entire people need to beware of instigations committed by external saboteurs among national brethren and lead forwards the process of perpetual peace process.

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