Kachin State Chief Minister makes inspection tour in Khaunglanphu

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The Kachin State Chief Minister makes an inspection tour around Khaunglanphu Town.

Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan conducted an inspection tour to Khaunglanphu Town from Putao Township on 24 and 25 January to ensure the road construction and township development programmes in Khaunglanphu together with the cabinet members.
The State Chief Minister and party first inspected the 180 metres long Magweza Bridge construction site over the Kasamkha Creek on Magweza -Khaunglanphu road in Nagmon Township including the construction of a 400 metres long approach road.
He then met with the staff at (65/4) miles Ziwadan road project office being conducted by the Progress of Border Areas and National Races Development Department under the Ministry of Border Affairs. He also inspected the erection of signboards at 7,700 feet high Sanlutchat valley and construction of viewpoint building, ice after the snowfall, set up of signboard at Nawarat Koekwekwae of Sanlutchat valley and welcoming signboard with Rawamg and Lisu ethnic people statues in Lonton.
Then, they arrived at Khaunglanphu in the evening.
On the morning of 25 January, the chief minister and party inspected the land expansion programmes and concrete ladder construction of municipal committee in Khaunglanphu Town.
He then met town elders and members of ethnic literature and culture organizations at Khaunglanphu town administrative office and discussed the development programmes in Putao district being implemented by the union government and state government, Putao-Khaunglanphu road construction, future work plans and urged the officials to work together to develop the tourism industry in Khaunglanphu and border trade in Sheinkhaung region.
Then, one of the town elders presented their requirements and the state chief minister and relevant officials provided a total of K8.2 million for township-level departments, departmental heads, employees, security forces and Nagmon township administrator.
The state chief minister and party finally inspected the other construction sites in Khaunglanphu town. —State IPRD/GNLM

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