MoE Union minister inspects basic education schools in Manaung Township

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The MoE Union minister warmly greets teachers in Manaung Township.

Union Minister for Education Dr Nyunt Pe inspected BEMS in Mainmakywe Village in Manaung Township yesterday.
During the inspection tour, he met the headmaster and teachers, saying the educational family should cooperate to achieve a proper image of schools and to develop the teaching methods and education quality in line with the guidance of the Head of State.
The government will provide assistance to develop the education sector and teachers should teach students to become educated persons in reality.
Then, the Union minister viewed peaceful learning sessions of students.
Afterwards, the Union minister also inspected the BEMS branches, BEMS, BEHS, BEPS, BEPPS and BEHS branches in Manaung Township and comforted teachers and students who were learning peacefully. — MNA

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