Kampaiti, Lweje border trade posts to be upgraded at international level


Kampaiti and Lweje border trade stations in Kachin State will be upgraded to international border trade posts.
Trading activities with trading partner countries and trade associations negotiations with transportation operators are underway. Preparations need to be able to trade following COVID-19 rules which have been underway since April this year.
Currently, the staff from the Department of Immigration, Customs Department, and officials are doing the processes.
Kampaiti and Lweje border border trade camp in Kachin State send genetically modified bananas, corn, watermelon and rubber to other countries. Cement, construction equipment, electrical equipment, and home appliances from neighbouring countries are being imported through the border trade zones.
The Kampaiti border trade camp was opened in December 2003, but due to the inability to carry out trade activities and other circumstances, it was closed in the third week of June 2006. On 1 August 2009, it was officially reopened as a state-level camp for all OSS members.
Lweje border trade station was established by the Ministry of Trade on 1 June 1992 as per Notification No 4/92 dated on 7 May 1992. Operations were temporarily suspended in January 1997. The Department of Border Trade in Lweje, which is located adjacent to the villages of the People’s Republic of China, was established on 23 August 1998. — TWA/GNLM

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