Khit Thit media falsely reports 12-year-old’s death in alleged Tatmadaw explosion


The ‘Khit Thit’ media outlet, known for its malicious intent, fabricated a false story claiming that a 12-year-old child was killed by an explosion launched by the local battalion of Tatmadaw from Kalay Township, Sagaing Region, on the morning of 13 January.
However, an officer from the security forces in the relevant station counter-argued the claim, stating that Tatmadaw did not initiate any firing. The officer confirmed that the terrorist group known as CDF (Chin Defence Force) was responsible for firing and launching drone attacks at a police outpost located in Tiddim Township on 13 January. The drones did not land in the police station but fell in the village and exploded.
These malicious news outlets intentionally post and circulate false information to deceive the public. They aim to conceal the actions of terrorists and create a misleading image of Tatmadaw, disrupting peace, stability, and the public’s trust. — MNA/ TMT

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