Kyaikto Hospital offers free caesarean section to poor pregnant woman

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A hospital-funded caesarean section for a pregnant woman who can't afford it.

Using the hospital fund, Kyaikto Hospital successfully conducted a caesarean section on a pregnant woman who couldn’t afford it.
Under the title of Kyaikto Hospital on Facebook, the hospital regularly posts its contributions to the public welfare and knowledge-sharing content.
The woman had a C-section for her first child, and since the nurse told her that a caesarean section must also bear her second baby, she has stopped visiting the outpatient department and taken the risk of having a normal birth at home, it said.
“It is a dangerous decision. When she was told not to deliver by a local untrained midwife as it was a dangerous pregnancy, she replied that she would go to a trained nurse nearby. But we had to convince her that no nurse would accept her if they saw a C-section scar. However, she insisted on risking her life to give birth at home,” the post stated.
Therefore, the nurse in her locality arranged for the patient to meet and explain the situation to the senior surgeon at the hospital. The operation was conducted on 21 March using the hospital’s own fund, and a baby weighing eight pounds was successfully delivered.
“The assigned nurse can no longer be calm. She grabbed her patient by hand and forced the woman to come to the hospital and explain the situation to the doctor. Her blood pressure was 200/120. Pregnancy was overdue. When she was told she had to be hospitalized, she said she had no money. Since she couldn’t afford it, the hospital paid for it. The baby weighed about eight pounds. If she had given birth usually, both the mother and the baby might have been at risk of death from a ruptured uterus,” the hospital said.
The hospital made a public notice that if patients cannot afford hospitalization, they should inform the nurse in charge, the doctor or the nurse in the respective locality and that more support will be provided for mothers and newborns. — MT/ZN/ED

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A hospital-funded caesarean section for a pregnant woman who can’t afford it.
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