Let people enjoy the fruits of perpetual peace in future State

All entire people have been sustaining their hopes to see the restoration of perpetual peace across the nation for a long time, wishing to end the internal armed conflicts.
Since the time of the post-independence era, all ethnic national people of Myanmar have been missing chances to enjoy the fruits of peace. They are backpacking the burden of internal armed conflicts till today. As they miss the chance of restoring peace, they keenly value the fruits of peace for all.
Only when we solve it will the people firmly enjoy the essence of democracy and independence. Hence, I have told that the year 2022 is set as the year of peace, and we will strive for ending the armed conflicts across the nation, Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing was quoted as saying in the speech delivered on 22 April.
On the agenda, the Chairman of the State Administration Council pledged to meet with each Ethnic Armed Organization in the peace talks for ending the armed conflicts across the nation in order to come out with a definite result.
All participants in the peace talks need to join hands in holding peace talks in an honest and transparent manner for enabling the ethnic people to enjoy the essence of peace and development. The Senior General urged all to cooperate with the government for serving the interests of all citizens of the Union.
It is expected to commence the peace talks between the SAC Chairman and the leader of the RCSS/SSA group on 20 May 2022. Moreover, the National Solidarity and Peace-making Negotiate Committee decided to hold peace talks with the RCSS/SSA.
Both sides should notice that all the entire people expect the good news from their peace talks which would transform nightmares into a glorious future forever for themselves as well as the whole nation. The good result to be earliest come out of the peace talks will pave the best way for further talks in which more and more EAOs will participate.
Hence, both sides need to set aside different measures in negotiating the peace process while combining the same ideas and measures. All the people wish for the peace process better. The people dream of a nation decorated with the fruits of perpetual peace. The successful result of peace talks will let the people continue their joyful dream before implementation.

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