Let’s breed and produce meat to taste a brighter future 


The government is implementing two points of policy to shape the country to become a prosperous country and to supply nutritious foods to all citizens with food sufficiency.
A number of people are engaging in livestock tasks in addition to agricultural tasks but some people are operating the livestock breeding tasks only. These businesses are benefiting the breeders as well as the people nearby the breeding farms because of creating job opportunities.
Those who can spend capital are operating the agriculture and livestock farms whereas the local people who are unaffordable to spend capital will have the chance to work at the farms to earn income for their families. As such, agricultural farms and livestock ranches can contribute much to the economy of relevant areas.
Myanmar is full of natural resources necessary for operating agriculture and livestock farms. If those farm owners apply the modern technologies in breeding pedigree cattle, the country is sure to see the situation of improved socio-economic status of the people with food sufficiency in line with the policy of the State.
More than 100 million pigs, poultry, goats and sheep were bred in the nation according to the 2021 animal population census. Another animal census collected in 2019 stated that there were over 10.6 million cattle in the nation. At the same time, the fishing industry was booming with production from inland fish farms and the offshore fishing process. Indeed, these statistics prove that the breeding farms could produce a sufficient volume of meat.
A survey showed that individual people need to consume 9.5 visses of chicken (one viss is equal to 1.6 kilogrammes), three visses of pork, 1.7 visses of beef and 0.24 viss of goat per year. As such, the individuals should consume five ticals to 10 ticals of meat and fish per day.
Myanmar has adequate areas endowed with natural pasturelands for agricultural and livestock farming. Relevant ministries are ready to provide pedigree farming cattle and quality species of poultry to the local farmers.
As such, the people residing in all regions and states need to operate livestock farming tasks in order to produce meat and fish to sufficiently meet the demand of the people across the nation at fairer prices. Hence, all the people need to breed and produce meat and fish to taste a brighter future.

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