Let’s enumerate census with public participation


The population and household census will be enumerated nationwide from 1 to 15 October 2024. The enumeration of the census is an essential project for the State to obtain socioeconomic data to be applied in adopting the country’s development plans and policies.
As such, all walks of life must join the population and household census enumeration process to complete all processes successfully. Reportedly, educational staff will play a vital role in the collection of data and auditing process of the project in cooperation with departmental personnel, members of social organizations, university students and enthusiasts.
Plans are underway to conduct census enumeration technique courses at different levels in August and September to ensure the smooth accomplishment of the project. As the trial census enumeration was conducted last year, experiences of strong and weak points were reviewed with strenuous efforts to form the census enumeration plots and approve the question forms for the census. If so, the entire census enumeration process will be completed successfully and on schedule.
Most of the global countries conduct the census enumeration process once every ten years as it needs to spend a large sum of budget. However, developed countries manage the census process once every five years. In fact, data from population and household censuses is crucial for statistics to be used in adopting the social, economic, and management policies of the country and implementing important plans of the State.
The 2024 census project will apply computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) techniques through mobile tablets. Crew members of the squads will ask people from households about 68 questions and those from organizations about 18 questions. In this regard, demographic, social and economic data from the census will be protected in accordance with the Population and Housing Census Law enacted in July 2023. Action will be taken against those who violate any census secret.
Myanmar is conducting the national-level census enumeration on a self-reliant basis without any foreign assistance. As such, all citizens have to harmoniously participate in the enumeration of the census project so as to post a significant milestone for the State as a national duty. On the other hand, people have to correctly answer the questions on the census to help the enumeration teams.
At present, relevant ministries have coordinated with each other on technological assistance, cyber security, and regional security measures to collect the census successfully. As an ultimatum aim, the census can be used in compiling the voter lists for successfully holding a free and fair multiparty democratic general election.

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