Local businessman invents a charcoal maker for commercial use

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Charcoal making machine which can bring a change to local charcoal making industry and operate commercial production is invented by a local business owner.

Invented by U Ko Oo, the small-scale charcoal making machine can transform any materials by burning them into charcoal and produce a tonne in 10 hours and run as a small-scale business. It can be bought from K2.5million.

“Not only firewood, this machine can transform any kind of substances which can be burned, at least from dried leaf, into charcoal,” the machine inventor U Ko Oo explained.

photo 2023 12 22 15 51 55

He also invented gas-fired rice husk charcoal machine which has gained many attentions and all his inventions are made by his own idea, he said.

“I did not make any adaptations, so even if there is a little similarity, there are differences,” he said.

Currently, people are buying the charcoal making machine he invented.



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