Local visitors’ short trips to Thailand increases

As an overseas trip, Myanmar people have taken short-day vacation to Thailand and such visits have now increased, said U Naung Naung Han, chair of Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association.

Of trips to Thailand from Myanmar, the majority are 3-4 days short trips, he said.

“Currently, destination of many of overseas tour by local visitors is Thailand. There were many visits over previous holidays and it has been increasing still now. Majority of people took 3-4 days trips to Thailand,” said U Naung Naung Han. 

Usually, taking on overseas trips rises through February to April and Bodh Gaya pilgrimage tour is expected to increase in coming February, he said.

“Coming March and April are months that people usually go overseas trips. Bodh Gaya pilgrimage tour is likely to further increase in February. December and January are a little cold so there are Bodh Gaya pilgrimage tours but just a few normally. But the weather is fine as of February and it is good time for travelling so travelling is usually high in these periods. Bodh Gaya pilgrimage is usually highest in Thingyan holidays. So Bodh Gaya tours are high from February to April,” he said.


In March and April, there are some tours to Vietnam and some long-day Europe tours, he added.



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