Look at the future with optimism from New Year onwards


Today is New Year’s Day in the Myanmar calendar. As it is a New Year’s Day, we all need to refresh our minds to look at the world with a new optimistic sense of all things.
We all should have to expect all new things today. We should leave the old and worn-out things in the past, at least yesterday. We should widen our scope to see all better things at present and in the future. You all should take care not to compare things with the past and the present. If you leave useless one of the pasts, your minds will be clean. Its result will bring you to a new abode of society.
You should leave all grudges in the past and march into the present time when you should enjoy the fruits of optimism. Consequently, much debris in the ways of your minds will automatically disappear, taking frets from you. If so, your faces will be brighter.
Don’t be eager to fight against the world but prioritize cleansing your minds first. You will enjoy the fruits of the trees you planted. Every echo will reflect your soul. Your whitish hearts will be victims of your endless tests on how to conquer the world. Now is the best time to overhaul your mindsets. Hence, refreshed mindsets will have the chance to decorate the world with honesty.
It is important to see the world with optimistic eyes. If you see inappropriate things, you must have the morale to forgive them. It would be best if you had to explore the insight of others on how to feel all events of the world. Your daily lifestyle will be the best if you can forge sympathy for all. Consequently, you can tolerate everything and will have the chance to march onwards to the goal with pleasure and pleasantness.
You must join societies to build a peaceful, prosperous, pleasant and pleasurable world. These societies are formed with happy souls. From now onwards, your souls should understand the nature of the New Year, which leaves the past things, brings the present things and expects the future things to the new world.
Don’t hesitate! Rush into the new scenes of the future, but your souls must have been washed. You should bring the best gift to the world where everybody is waiting for you to give the best things. You cannot see the best things with ordinary eyes, but you can find these things with knowledgeable eyes.

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