Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun clarifies terrorist acts by MNDAA, TNLA, AA regarding religion

Leader of SAC Information Team Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun clarified violence of MNDAA, TNLA and AA terrorists against the religion as follows: –
I pray for the health and prosperity of all citizens of Myanmar and the world.
Today, we want to inform the whole world about the actions of terrorists who brutally insult Buddhis, which is practised by more than 80 per cent of the entire population of Myanmar people and over 500 million people in the world.
All the people of the world and all the religious leaders,
The MNDAA terrorists live in our country and drink Myanmar’s water. They make a living depending on Myanmar. But now, they have rudely destroyed the religious buildings that we care about.
The MNDAA Kokang terrorists destroyed a pagoda on the hill of Sin Oo Kin Hillock (Point-2202), northern part of Siaw Village, Laukkai Township, on 8 January 2024. This pagoda represents Buddha, which is sacred to us Buddhists. This barbaric and despicable incident saddens all of us Buddhists. I am saddened. This action will shock Buddhists from not only Myanmar but from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and China, including Tibet region and Yunnan Province. They also bombed with driverless drones on the monastery in the compound of the Yatawmu pagoda, Muse, Shan State, on 4 December 2023. These are acts of violence against religion by three terrorist groups, MNDAA, TNLA and AA.
All the people of the world, and religious leaders,
Our country has four main religions: Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism and other religions. The State leaders always encourage and support all religions.
All the people of the world, and religious leaders,
The basic teachings of all religions that we all believe in and worship are to love each other, to treat each other with love, and to respect and value each other. I want the whole world to know about the heinous acts of the terrorists who are opposing these values. I want all the people of the world to prevent such conducts. I have presented it so that the people of the world can see it and be able to take care of it. May all the people of the world be safe and healthy. — GNLM

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