Malicious media circulates fake news that an audio file of security forces instructing to set ablaze in Kawlin

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A screen-shot photo shows an audio file posted by malicious media.

Some malicious media outlets disseminated false information alleging the emergence of an audio file instructing security forces to set fire to villages in Kawlin, where the Tatmadaw currently maintains a presence. The fabricated audio file features an individual posing as a Tatmadaw officer issuing orders via a communication device to ignite Sayminkhon Village.
Responding to this misinformation, a security forces officer in Kawlin clarified that the fabricated audio file was intentionally created to mislead the public. In reality, following the withdrawal of troops by the KIA and PDF terrorists, heavy weapons fire was directed at security forces engaged in mine clearing operations within the town and surrounding villages. Consequently, houses were engulfed and destroyed by these explosions. — MNA/TMT

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