Malicious media outlets intentionally spread fake news

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The malicious media intentionally spread false information online, claiming that the Tatmadaw fired artillery shells that hit the monastery and pagoda in Wintapan village of Bilin township, Mon State, at 8 pm on 15 January.
However, according to the relevant official, the armed insurgents and PDF terrorists launched an attack using heavy and small weapons on a security outpost near Wintapan village. The artillery shells exploded in the village and destroyed the buildings.
Similarly, the destructive media outlets spread misinformation, claiming that two civilians were injured in the Tatmadaw’s attack near Thonegwa village of Theinzayat, Mon State, at 6:30 pm on 16 January.
The relevant regional official affirmed that there was no armed engagement in Theinzayat on 16 January.
The malicious media outlets intentionally spread misinformation to affect the stability and mislead the public about security forces. — MNA/KTZH

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