Mandalay, Yankin hills can attract tourists: residents in Mandalay

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Residents in Mandalay said that Mandalay Hill and Yankin Hill could attract international tourists. It is said that these mountains are full of exciting things to watch and enjoy. There are spectacular pagodas and unique natural stone statues on each hill.
Mandalay Hill, known for its abundance of pagodas and monasteries, is located to the northeast of the city centre of Mandalay.
The most impressive natural stone statue on the Mandalay Hill is a large stone elephant statue near Bo Daw Cave.
The nine caves at Yankin Hill are facinating. They are natural and unique, according to visitors. There is a unique natural stone statue called Amay Yakkha Ponetaw, which is located in the middle of the eastern slope of the Yankin Hill.
Residents have recommended that every visitor to Mandalay should visit the two hills. Yankin Hill and Mandalay Hill are described by tourists as the most interesting hills with natural stone statues in Mandalay.—Nway Nadi (Myitnge) (Translated by MMS)

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