Mandatory registration for online businesses set for 2 October

The online sale business is recognized as an essential service and the owners must register their businesses commencing on 2 October, according to the Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce.
The department introduced the eComReg system at an awareness-raising campaign held at the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 24 September.
The Ministry of Commerce released an order setting the online business as an essential service on 21 July under Subsection (c) of Section 4 of the Essential Supplies and Services Law.
“The online business owners can make registration starting from 2 October. Those registered between 2 October to the end of December 2023 will be exempted from registration fees. If they are found running online businesses without registration, they will face action effective from 1 January 2024,” said an official of the Trade Department.
The applicants need to submit their business names, logos, recommendation letters of respective wards and police stations and K4,000 for an online application form.
All online sales must be registered regardless of their privately produced or resold commodities. Even if they pay other taxes or licence fees to municipal officials, they must register.
The permission of relevant departments will be granted only to the official businesses. — ASH/KTZH

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