Manufacturing process using domestic materials will help the development of the region: Senior General

Everybody needs to consider instigation of those who seek political profit not to successfully implement the projects, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with departmental officials, town elders and MSME businesspersons at Chindwin Hall of the region government yesterday morning.
Individual reports on economic development
Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw and businesspersons reported to the Senior General on operating industrial zones in districts of the region, MSME expositions, conducting training for the development of human resources and future plans for MSME, preservation for quality of Shwebo Pawsan rice, supply of electricity, running of more flights, improvement of industrial zones, arrangements for the swift import of machines, secure and smooth transport of commodities in the region sufficient supply of water to Sagaing in the solar system, upgrading of Sagaing hilly road and strand road, construction of Sagaing detour, running of Mandalay-Sagaing-Indaw-Katha train, and requirements for the economic development of the region.
Discussions of Union ministers over relevant sectors
The Union ministers explained plans of distributing quality strains of paddy, improvement of agriculture and livestock farms prioritized by relevant ministries, holding MSME shows and contests, and formation of cooperative societies for the improvement of the socioeconomic life of the people.
The Senior General responded to the discussions and reports.
Good economic driving force will affect political and defence driving forces
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that if the country builds an economic driving force, it will be powerful to some degree in the international arena.

Among many driving forces, the economic driving force takes a leading role in the development of the nation and contributes to the peace and stability of the nation. The good economic driving force can affect the political and defence driving forces. The business based on agriculture and livestock farms needs to be emphasized for increasing the interests of the State and the citizens.
Efforts to be poured out for successfully operating agriculture and livestock farms in relevant regions
Sagaing Region needs to increase the yield of wheat. The Department of Agricultural Research, local farmers and wheat users are to cooperate with each other in seeking quality seeds of wheat. But, it can be seen that some 500,000 acres of allowed cultivable lands are not fully used in Sagaing Region.
If dairy cows and beef cows are systematically bred as well as agriculture and livestock zones are undertaken, Sagaing Region will have greater success. The government encourages the cultivation of staple cotton to have greater success. Local farmers need to cultivate quality cotton strains and the government will provide the necessary assistance to them. If the cultivation of cotton achieves success, it can be supplied for domestic use and for export purposes. So also, successful production of paddy, wheat, cotton and oil crops will help develop the region as well as the State.
The government is ready to allow the establishment of paper mills in the region and to provide assistance to the manufacturing of rubber products.
Arrangements for full electrification
The government is striving for a sufficient supply of electricity. Sagaing Region can generate electricity through solar power. Hydropower can be generated in many sites along Chindwin and Ayeyawady rivers. Businesspersons were urged to generate solar power which can operate river water pumping works for agriculture and livestock farms. Coal from Kalewa can be used in generating electricity. Implementation of the projects must emphasize the interests of the region and the country. Everybody needs to consider the instigation of those who seek political profit not to successfully implement the projects.
Encouraging education for the emergence of human resources
Agriculture, livestock and basic technical schools are opened in 50 districts for turning out human resources for the agriculture and livestock sectors. The qualified students will have the chance to join the colleges and universities.
The Senior General continued to say that the manufacturing process using domestic materials will help the development of the region. MSME businesses also contribute to urban and rural development. As local authorities need to enforce discipline, local people are to follow prescribed rules and regulations for the development of their regions.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs to departmental personnel through officials. The Senior General then cordially greeted MSME businesspersons, town elders and departmental officials.
The Senior General viewed minerals, foodstuffs, consumer goods, industrial products, traditional products, clothes and traditional medicines and asked about market sharing of the products.—MNA/TTA

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