Myanmar workers prepare for Malaysia move after visa deadline announcement

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Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation office

After the Malaysian government announced that foreign workers who had been granted calling visas would be recruited in Malaysia by 31 May, many Myanmar workers were eager to go there. Therefore, young people need to be cautious about fraud, said an official from Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF).
Businesses in Malaysia have to finalize the submission of calling visas before 31 March for foreign workers who have already received KSM Approvals, which still have terms. Malaysian businesses would recruit foreign workers who received calling visas from the immigration department by 31 May into Malaysia, said the announcement.
Therefore, agencies in Myanmar have worked to send workers as quickly as possible by negotiating with businesses.
“Malaysia has announced that the calling visa submission must be done by 31 March, and those who would receive calling visa have to leave by 31 May. Malaysia will close the submission after the deadline. That’s why many people have come to submit. Those who have been already granted approval have called interviews promptly. However, some don’t want to recruit because they don’t have vacancies, and there are some who work on recruiting as quickly as possible because they can’t hire workers anymore. But there are more companies which do recruiting. At present, there are a lot of people going to Malaysia. Agencies are also working on recruiting as speedily as possible by negotiating with Malaysian bosses. The recruitment will be stopped completely after the deadline, so our young people need to be aware of fraud,” said the official.
When Malaysia’s recruitment plan is halted, there is the possibility of an increase in preparation for going to work in South Korea and Thailand, he added.
In March, the Malaysian government stopped issuing KSM Approval for the recruitment of foreign workers by factories, workshops, and companies. Concerning it, agencies that send Myanmar workers to Malaysia specifically may stop their operations, according to an overseas employment agency owner. — MT/ZS/ED

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